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Dec 14, 2011 8:00pm EST
. according to the u.n. high commissioner of human rights, the civilian death toll in syria now exceeds 5000 the number of children killed as more than 300. no responsible nation can sit by and allow this to testable display of depravity to continue. today's hearing however was called to examine u.s. policy. several months ago, the subcommittee of the privilege of hearing assistant secretary spelman and posner discuss the obama administration's human rights policies towards iran and syria. since that hearing, the administration has taken a number of steps on syria for which it deserves credit. although it took far too much time and at least 1900 dead syrian citizens, the administration has finally come out and called for a share all assad's departure from power on august 18. it also implemented sanctions against the government of syria and various high-ranking syrian regime authorities, many of which have been mirrored by our allies abroad. unfortunately i fear this is not enough. syria currently stands on the precipice of a full scale civil war. recent reports suggest that the ranks of the
Dec 6, 2011 8:00pm EST
and syria is not really there. i'm not saying that i am sure this is unconstitutional, but this is a very, very serious question. >> i disagree. i don't know why it is so serious that the courts -- if the court can be moved to reform much, much larger, if the commerce can control in effect the kind of record that is made, can't it also in effect open the proceedings in the public in a different form? >> if it is doing that in a manner which impacts directly on the court's ability to control the proceedings, then there is a very serious question to read that part of the judicial power, senator. >> of the congress passes fell law that says in the course of these proceedings every justice has to be televised and officially close up, and the litigant or the lawyer for the litigant should be given permission to move around the courtroom and show whatever physical evidence was presented at the trial that would change the nature of the proceeding but simply to leave the proceeding as it is now but open to the larger viewership -- >> that begs the question of who is to decide whether it changes t
Dec 27, 2011 8:00pm EST
in the book in the chapter not so subtly that you call setback about iran and north korea, about syria and nonproliferation issues and you suggested various points in the chapter that the bush and administration lost its way, hattie's and to leave your away from the bush doctrine that was so well established in the first term. and i wonder if you see president bush himself lost his nerve. .. that would allow them to produce nuclear weapons and so forth. it was one where there were significant differences inside the administration. i think many of those were known. but part of my interest was in putting down the history of that period, and he policy debates, and i thought there were lessons to be learned. we weren't the first administration having trouble figuring how not to get the north koreans to go nuclear. the clinton administration faced similar problems. the obama administration will have similar problems as well, too. i thought it was important to put down the record, if you will, of how we dealt with that. now, in the final analysis, the president made the decision. he had to m
Dec 30, 2011 8:00pm EST
should be alert, eisenhower said. the presidents of the russian planes and syria would inevitably trigger british and french attacks on the air fields. if that haven't come as he liked to say, that would be in the fire. he inquired of that as the chairman of the trade chiefs whether american naval units were yclept with atomic anti-submarine weapons. not long after the president had left to gettysburg and whitman recalled that the news from the middle east looked so bad that at one point the white house staff contemplated asking the president to turn around and come back to the white house. rumors were rampant with the soviet intervention. some of the bad news came directly from moscow. the american ambassador came that the soviet move had become more ominous and the soviet leaders were prepared to take military action unless the cease-fire was quickly achieved. the staff with the president's return by flying him back instead of having to drive to gettysburg. ike arrived at the white house at 12:38 p.m.. falling short briefing, he strolled into the cabinet room where 18 men were waiting.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4